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What the pandemic told us about giving

Autores/Participantes : Ana Biglione, Joana Lee Ribeiro Mortari

Coordenador(es) : Carolina Magosso, Erika Sanchez Saez, Graziela Santiago

Based on a phenomenological investigation, this article seeks to illuminate the nature of the changes that have occurred in the Brazilian culture of giving ignited by the mobilization consequent to the impacts of Covid-19, as well as its patterns or permanence.  We start from the principle that donation is not a mere object, it is an activity directly related to social dynamics that are present in our reality and has, in its background, the archetypes of power inherent to the Brazilian culture. The way it expresses itself (as it is, not as it should be) provides us with inputs about ourselves, as society, as well as our way of being reveals aspects – sometimes unnoticed – of giving. To arrive at the characteristics of the pandemic giving, we heard varied focus groups: one with donors and organizations promoting the field and the other with organizations that received and distributed goods and resources. We looked into researches carried out in 2020, data on the volume given and references on pandemic giving in other countries as well.  This text seeks to portray part of the cultural movement of giving, so that the reader can see some of the essential features of the explored phenomenon (HOLDREDGE, 2005), reflecting and constructing their own images. Thus, it does not propose to necessarily bring answers, conclusions or certainties. The year 2020 was marked by a reflex-giving, however, its experimentation by many, hitherto non-donors, added to a deeper reflection on how it happens and what is generated by the way it is done. It has the potential to bring about significant changes for the years to come.

Este artigo integra a série Estudos Emergência Covid, que publica reflexões e análises de pesquisadores brasileiros de diferentes áreas do saber com o objetivo de estimular, ampliar e disseminar a produção de conhecimento qualificado sobre os impactos da pandemia no campo da filantropia, do investimento social privado e das organizações da sociedade civil no Brasil.

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