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Smart Money: Recommendations for an Educational Technology and Digital Engagement Investment Strategy

Autores/Participantes : Dan Victor, Lewis Bernstein, Michael Cohen, Michael Levine, Shira Ackerman

This report is the result of a co-investment and includes a provocative set of recommendations for the Jim Joseph Foundation and William Davidson Foundations to consider and an illuminating landscape analysis of the educational technology field. The report was initially commissioned for the foundations’ internal purposes, without explicit plans to share it widely. However, after reviewing it, it was understood that the learnings here are highly relevant to others in the field: funders, practitioners, community leaders, and anyone interested in how tools of educational technology and digital engagement could advance cultural and religious learning and engagement. Because of the report’s substance, there is a desire and a responsibility to share it and also the belief that it offers an important look into the process foundations undertake to explore a new space in which to consider developing an investment strategy.

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