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Institutional Philanthropy in Chile – Philanthropy and Social Investments Mapping

Autores/Participantes : Isidora Fuenzalida, Magdalena Aninat

In Chile there have been isolated attempts to research the development of philanthropy in its diferente dimensions, be it with a historical vision, a legislative discussion, or a characterization of its stakeholders. Despite the great value of these initiatives in contributing to the knowledge and discussion of the development of the philanthropic sector, there is a clear lack of systematized data available regarding private giving to social development, whether this is channeled through institutions or through direct donations with tax incentives provided under specific legislation.

The scarce systematization of knowledge not only poses a challenge to its study, but also results in a poor comprehension of its role and the impossibility of further ongoing analysis that would eventually develop and strengthen the field. Studies from Harvard University have identified the scarce information available as na important challenge to the understanding and promotion of philanthropy in Latin American countries, and have highlighted the need to demonstrate philanthropic impact in order to modify perceptions on philanthropy and increase its practice.

The goal of the Philanthropy and Social Investments Mapping conducted by the Center of Philanthropy and Social Investments (CEFIS UAI) is to characterize the vision and practice of diverse types of private donors and philanthropic structures that can be adopted for investment in different areas of social development. The main objective of this research project is to contribute to the knowledge of the sector and detect any barriers to the strengthening of the Chilean philanthropic ecosystem.

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