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Human Rights in 2018: A Global Advisor Survey

This global survey conducted by Ipsos Public Affars investigated the access to human rights in 28 countries. Around 23 thousand people from 18 to 64 years old in Canada and in the U.S., and 16 to 64 years old in all other countries were interviewed between May 25 and June 8 of 2018 throught the Ipsos Online Panel. Some of their key findings were:

  • Just three in ten adults across 28 countries say human rights aren’t a problem in their country, ranging from 55% in Germany to 17% in Colombia;
  • Eight in ten people surveyed stress the importance of having laws that protect human rights in their country and more than half say they make their life better;
  • However, two in three say some people take unfair advantage of them, more agree than disagree that only undeserving people benefit from them, and one in seven say there’s no such thing as human rights;
  • Four in ten people admit they know little to nothing about human rights;
  • Freedom of speech, the right to one’s life, the right to liberty rank as the most important human rights to be protected;
  • Children, the disabled, older people and women are the groups most widely believed to require protection for their human rights;
  • Among major organizations focusing on human rights, the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Amnesty International have the highest awareness levels globally, followed by the International Federation for Human Rights, Lawyers Without Borders and Human Rights Watch; all are widely seen as doing a good job, especially ICRC.
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