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Futures Philanthropy: Anticipation for the Common Good

Autores/Participantes : Alina Shenfeldt, Artemis Karagkouni, Bárbara Ortega, Hanna Stähle, Nicklas Larsen

“Futures Philanthropy: Anticipation for the Common Good” brings together two critical disciplines in one publication: futures and foresight, championed by the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies; and philanthropy, represented by Philea and its extensive philanthropic community. 

It looks at how European philanthropy can apply foresight and futures thinking to live up to its potential of being forward-looking, risk-taking, and innovative, all the while encouraging anticipatory capacities within civil society and communities.  The publication is a practical guide for foundation leaders, board members, philanthropy infrastructure practitioners, donors, advisors, philanthropy researchers and civil society professionals on how to navigate the contours of an ever-changing landscape and evaluate current and future risks and opportunities. 

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