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Evaluating The Basics’ pilot implementation in the municipality of Guarujá (Brazil)

This study reports the experience of social entrepreneurs identifying facilitators and barriers related to the feasibility and acceptability of The Basics’ pilot implementation in the municipality of Guarujá, Brazil. The Basics is a community-level strategy that disseminates five science-based principles for families and caregivers to promote child development. It has been implemented in Guarujá since 2021 through social assistance reference centers. Staff and families’ feedback was leveraged through interviews and surveys and analyzed using content analysis. The lessons learned implementing this pilot strategy contribute to the Brazilian early childhood innovation field, considering that the main facilitators include the engagement of local leadership, coaching and training professionals, the use of technology for dissemination, and the usefulness of content for educators, healthcare, and social workers. Barriers include the need for cultural adaptation and implementation guidelines. This evaluation allows to identify improvements to support the implementation and qualification of early childhood public policies and services.

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