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Towards a new relation of partnership between civil society organisations and the State: The legal framework for civil society organisations and Law 13.019 in Brazil

Autores/Participantes : Diego Scardone

This working paper presents the latest developments regarding the legal framework for civil society organisations (CSOs) in Brazil following the recent approval of Law 13.019 of July 31st, 2014. It demonstrates that despite the fact that civil society organisations are key actors in collaborating with the implementation of public policies through partnerships with the public administration, that the previous legislation was inconsistent and did not provide adequate instruments to regulate such contractual relationships. This scenario weakened the recognition and the appreciation of CSOs and demanded an enabling legal environment that would guarantee access to participation, transparency in the use of public funds and effectiveness in the implementation of publicly-funded projects. As will be discussed in this paper, the approval of Law 13.019 represents an important milestone that is part of a much broader political agenda that is known in Brazil as the Legal Framework for Civil Society Organisations.

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