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Impact investing in Brazil: a primer for families

Autores/Participantes : Ariella Rotenberg, Linda Rincon, Robert Malpass

Visionary Brazilian families have been instrumental in establishing the impact investing ecosystem in Brazil. Today Brazilian families are accelerating the impact investing sector by establishing new impact funds, testing new interventions and business models, engaging in field building, and transforming the impact of their operating businesses. There are a growing number of ways for families to create shared, sustainable prosperity in Brazil through business and investments. This report analyzes the history and current trends of how families are pursuing positive impact by aligning their investments and business activities with their values and legacy. The insights in this paper gathered from twenty-five leading families and ecosystem players provide inspiration and a path to action for families planning the next steps in their impact investing journey. This report outlines how the education, healthcare, and environmental preservation sectors are particularly well suited to attract impact investments in Brazil in the future. The challenges Brazil faces provide a diverse set of opportunities for families to deploy impact capital across asset classes, sectors, geographies, impact strategies, and return profiles.

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