Donors: 5 Things Nonprofits Want You to Know

Autor(es) : Ethan McCoy, Charis Loh

The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) has collected candid, anonymous feedback over 15 years from more than 100,000 nonprofit leaders and gathered five relevant topics that nonprofits want their donors to know but may not be telling them directly:

  1. Understanding the needs of the constituents that nonprofits are serving is essential for donors and nonprofits alike
  2. Strong relationships between donors and nonprofits are grounded in understanding and openness.
  3. Generous, unrestricted financial support best enables nonprofit leaders to strengthen their organizations
  4. Most nonprofits want to assess their performance so they can learn and improve, and they could use more support to do this
  5. Providing support beyond money can help nonprofit staffs strengthen their skills, make important connections, and better pursue their missions

The repport details these findings.

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