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Doing better, more efficiently: measuring and enhancing philanthropic vitality in the Lemanic region

Autores/Participantes : Adam Rodriques, Marc Pfitzer, Maximilian Martin, Nina Jais, Olivia Meiners

Eight years after the launch of the study “Advancing Philanthropy in Switzerland: A Vision for a Co-operative and Recognized Philanthropic Sector”, this new study presents an effort to assess and support the continued development of the Swiss philanthropic sector. Its goal is twofold. First, it seeks to assess the sector’s effectiveness, collaboration, visibility, and transparency by means of high-quality empirical research to establish a current baseline. Second, it aims to derive recommendations that help to further strengthen the philanthropy ecosystem. Since resources continue to be finite, the question is essentially still the same as it was almost a decade ago: how can the sector do better, more efficiently?

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