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A Portrait of Canadian Foundation Philanthropy

There is broad agreement that private philanthropic investment is poised to have an increasingly important impact across the world. Yet those who seek to optimize the impact of philanthropy and social investing are hindered by a lack of reliable data and knowledge regarding philanthropic resources and trends. Better data and analysis have the potential to lead to improvements including increased philanthropic capital, improved philanthropic strategies, a more favorable policy environment for philanthropy and civil society, and, ultimately, greater philanthropic impact. This global research initiative led by the Harvard Kennedy School will address this knowledge gap. The Global Philanthropy Report will address the need for both quantitative and qualitative information on organized global giving. The Harvard Kennedy School is working with a global network of collaborators to access existing data, develop new data and knowledge, and create a framework through which to understand and compare global philanthropy. This survey, with both quantitative and qualitative questions, was designed to gather information from individual foundations and institutions. The survey sought information on organizational structure, governance, financial and human resources, organizational focus and strategies, and evaluation and reporting. The data collected through the survey, sent to selected Canadian foundations in January 2017, has been compiled in the following report.

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