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The Philanthropy Framework

Autores/Participantes : Melissa Berman, Olga Tarasov, Renee Karibi-Whyte

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors has released The Philanthropy Framework, a tool for analysis and planning to guide emerging and established philanthropies to better align resources for maximum impact. Created with input from leaders from more than 50 foundations worldwide, the tool seeks to address fundamental changes in philanthropy and the world such as generational shifts in attitudes, massive wealth creation, diversity of capital, new models for impact, and new operating environments among others.

It lays out three core elements for philanthropists to consider when determining how to maximize their impact:

  • Charter, the organization’s scope, form of governance, and decision-making protocol
  • Social Compact, its implicit or explicit agreement with society about the value it will create
  • Operating Model, the approach to the resources, structures and systems needed to implement strategy.
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