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Main Philanthropy Trends in Latin America

Autores/Participantes : Agustina Budani, Carmen Lopez, Maximiliano Luft

During the last decade a new philanthropy has emerged. One that is more organized, composed of private and corporate foundations, institutions of international cooperation, religious entities and social organizations has raised both the promotion and channeling of donations.

What are the characteristics of this new philanthropy? What are the main trends in the regions? With these questions in mind, the AVINA Foundation in partnership with the Office of Outreach and Parternships of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) created the Latin American Donor Index. This Index includes data on major donors in Latin America. Through the use of an annual update, donors are consulted about where the funds are allocated in the region and which fields are the main fields of action.

The Latin America Donors Index enables donors to know the current trends in philanthropy in the region, and generates relevant information for social organizations in need of funding, to attract donors.

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