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Leadership in Difficult Times: Guidance for Donors and Giving Families

Autores/Participantes : Jason C. Born, Tony Macklin

This guide is an initial compilation of lessons and inspirations to help funders and organizations act in the short-term responses to the Covid-19 and economic crises. It shares ideas and resources from giving families, family funders, philanthropy organizations, philanthropic advisors, and NCFP’s team, many drawn from responses to previous crises. It may help answer questions such as:

I. Where do we start?
II. How can we take care of ourselves, our family, and our team?
III. How can we reduce uncertainty for our grantees?
IV. How can we support the health of our communities?
V. How can we strengthen the health of our grantees?
VI. How should we look ahead to the long-term impact on our giving?

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