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Building an Online Platform for Practitioners in International Philanthropy

Autores/Participantes : Audrey Selian, Natalie Pinon

The marketplace for online platforms dedicated to charity and philanthropy has expanded in innumerable ways, supported by the emergence of new technologies and a new realm of functionality that has unlocked the power of social networks at the fingertips of users of all kinds. Whether it is for the internal use of an organization, externally-oriented public relations, or for operations within an industry and between a niche cluster of players seeking access to information (and to one another), the importance of positioning a technological solution appropriately is paramount. Many of these solutions appear to be adopted by non-profits themselves. It is equally vital that technology not be positioned as a solution ‘looking for a problem’, which means basically that the parameters of any online network service must be user-defined and demand-driven. In any case, as a point of departure, it is worthwhile noting that the foundation sector is known as being among the most conservative in terms of adoption of technology and new forms of innovative interaction.

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