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The Hand Book of Nonprofit Governance

The Handbook of Nonprofi t Governance is a comprehensive overview of the principles and practices of nonprofi t boards. To compile this handbook, BoardSource drew on its extensive selection of books, articles, and topic papers by leading experts on nonprofi t governance.
The book is organized in two parts. Part One (Chapters One through Five ) addresses basic governance history, roles, and structures. Part Two (Chapters Six through Sixteen ) examines nonprofi t governance practices, drawing on the experience and wisdom of BoardSource experts to review basic approaches to board responsibilities and board self – management.
Refl ecting on board dynamics is a fi tting way to conclude this handbook. While many principles and practices of nonprofi t governance are well established, the essence of board interactions is often more diffi cult to express. When all is said and done, the board is a group of individuals with a collective commitment. How they engage with one another can make the difference between governance that is simply good and governance that is truly exceptional. The stakes are high, but the dynamic role of nonprofi t organizations in our society attests to the fact that the women and men who serve on nonprofi t boards fulfi ll their responsibilities with seriousness of purpose, dedication to service, and passion for their organizations ‘ missions.

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