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Social Impact Strategies for Banks: Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment

Autores/Participantes : Leonora Buckland

This report explores how banks can use their core strengths — financial acumen, investment skills, capital and networks — to actively generate social impact by engaging in venture philanthropy and social investment. Venture philanthropy (VP) and social investment (SI) are philanthropic and investment tools to create more resilient and stronger social purpose organizations able to generate greater social impact. Concretely it means investing (money and management skills) in social enterprises, non-profit organisations and charities so that they can do their job better.
The report seeks to show the full range of VP and social investment initiatives and activities by banks based in Europe, whilst being particularly interested in those that have an engaged investment or venturing dimension. Furthermore, we selected cases that would illustrate a diversity of approaches. At this point in the evolution there are already several pioneering initiatives and exciting stories to share about what can be done by banks in this field.

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