Giving Tuesday Research Summary

The BelferCenter for Innovation and Social Impact conducted a survey in multiple countries to determine awareness, participation and motivation levels for #GivingTuesday. The study was conducted online among adults over 18 years old between November 29th, 2017 and March 15th, 2018. In Brazil, the population sampled was of one thousand people among which 66% had internet access. Some of the research main findings in the Brazilian context were:

  • Awareness among the online population is solid at 28%, driven by #Diadedoarawareness of 24%
  • Participation is excellent, with 81% of those aware claiming some activity, equating to at least 15% of the adult population and the most common forms of participation are volunteering, social media and discussions
  • Among the online population, #GivingTuesday has good awareness, excellent participation rates and is motivating. Building awareness should be considered a priority in order to maximize the overall reach of the campaign.
  • With an overall participation level of at least 15%, there is room for growth and even greater impact from the movement.
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